discretisedfield.tools.count_bps(field, /, direction)#

Bloch point count and arrangement.

Function to obtain information about Bloch point number and arrangement. The calculations are based on emergent magnetic field. The normalised volume integral over subvolumes, increasing cell by cell in the given direction is computed to obtain the local number of Bloch points at each point in the given direction. Bloch point count and arangement are obtained by summing jumps in the local number of Bloch points.

The results are:

  • Total number of Bloch points.

  • Number of head-to-head Bloch points.

  • Number of tail-to-tail Bloch points.

  • Arrangement of Bloch points in the given direction. Starting from the lower end the local Bloch point count and the number of cells over which it stays constant are reported.

  • field (discretisedfield.Field) – Vector field.

  • direction (str, optional) – Geometric direction in which to compute arrangement.


Dictionary containing information about BPs.

Return type: